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AND-4-EVERY-1 ^^ Join our family

An Introduction to AA4E! ^^

Welcome to our family's home!
Have any questions? [Ask Here]!

If you're a new member of our group, then say hello at the bottom of our page. Our administrators would all love to greet you! Also, please enjoy your time with us in All-Art-4-Ever! We hope that you have a wonderfully artistic day, and we're very glad you're here! ~Julia and Solstice, lead administrators <3

:heart: Foundress Julia :iconaikoudesu: :iconsolsticewinds: Founder Solstice :heart:

Information and Rules

:bulletred:Two (2) per day deviation submission limit!
:bulletred:Automatic join and piece approval. Just hit the join button and you're in! Simple as that!
:bulletred:Please submit to correct folders!
:bulletred:All items sent to our mature folder must have mature filters on them. No exceptions.
If a deviant submits any mature images that do not have filters, the deviant will be removed from AA4E.
:bulletred:Please respect our admins! They're here for you!

:bulletred:Warning! We do not tolerate art theft! Plagiarizers who are caught will be banned, have their deviations removed, and will be reported to victims and to dA!

Our primary administrators:

~ Julia ~


Our kind and lovely foundress and leader!
Julia was actually the former co-foundress!

She'd go to the ends of the earth to help you <3



The fabulous founder (The shaman of fabulousness)
Blesses the group with his aura of fabulocity!

Always happy to lend a helping hoof or paw!


Brook, our head co-foundress
She does... stuff. Fun stuff. <3


Emmy, our 1st co-founder
Person in charge of making you smile ^^,

Martin, our 2nd co-founder
He stands there and looks cute, yeah! :3

Zeta, our 3rd and newest co-founder
You can simply call him "Walmart greeter"

How to Submit Art!

There are two ways to submit art:

1. Click on the "Gallery" tab on the top left of the group's page. Choose what folder you would like to submit to, and on the top right of that section click "Submit to this folder". From there it should be pretty self-explanatory. ^^

2. Go to the picture you would like to submit. On the right side of the page, somewhere in the middle, you'll see a button that says "Add to a group". Again, should be pretty self-explanatory. Just please remember to add your art to the right folder. Hope this helps! :heart:


Banned List

A list of deviants that have been banned from AA4E for either plagiarism, harassment, or other justified reasons.

Please be wary of these people.

:bulletred: D3b1724
:bulletred: GreatPicHunter
:bulletred: KlownDogg
:bulletred: NishiTheEND
:bulletred: ProfessorAdagio
:bulletred: Vergilis1989
:bulletred: iiL0SEY
:bulletred: spxcialneeds
:bulletred: rainy-day123
:bulletred: Yuki-Inugami
:bulletred: RichardDUHkins
:bulletred: Greathonesty
:bulletred: Ms-Voice-of-Reason -- Stole from Chaos55t

Group Info

AA4E accepts all work (we have a nice selection of galleries to choose from), has submissions set to 2 entries per folder a day (set to auto-approval), and has one of the most devoted and active administrations on dA (We aren't afraid to make that claim because we can prove it to you!) Come be a part of our wonderfully artistic family today!

We support:
*All art and artists, all humans and non-humans, and all manifestations of the imaginative mind; but not haters, nor any form of hatred. We encourage everyone in who they are. You will be accepted here!

*Creativity and originality in all artistic pursuits. We support the deeply rooted meaning of art itself: personal expression. We also support artists of any skill level! We especially support new artists!

*Playing an active and beneficial role in dA's online community, both as a group and as individuals.
Super Group
Until Feb 8, 2015

Founded 12 Months ago
Dec 23, 2013


Group Focus
Art Collection

20,683 Members
18,544 Watchers
347,160 Pageviews
Daily Pageviews

The Foundress and Founder

Admins' Artwork

Artwork from our most active admins

Our admins work very hard to keep the group running smoothly. Please visit them and their art and show support~ <3


Poke-Po-procrastination... by OrionisZeta

Ice company by Adharan
Ice company

Source of Creativity by sobo99
Source of Creativity

Linda [Prize] by AikouDesu

Languages of our administration

All of our administrators are required to speak and write fluently in English; however, we do have admins who can communicate to some degree in other languages, for your convenience and for maintaining diversity within the group! Here is a list of these admins, don't be afraid to ask for help!:

:bulletred: Beginner Japanese

:bulletred: Beginner German
:bulletred: Fluent J'masebr

:bulletred: Beginner Spanish

:bulletred: Fluent Polish
:bulletred: Intermediate German
:bulletred: Beginner Italian

:bulletred: Fluent French

:bulletred: Intermediate Spanish

:bulletred: Intermediate Spanish
:bulletred: Beginner Japanese

:bulletred: Fluent Italian and French

:bulletred: Fluent Japanese

:bulletred: Fluent Dutch

:bulletred: Fluent Dutch

Featured artwork on display!

Check out these works and the artists who created them!

Frozen by ferrohanc
Blackberry no. 5 by bezag

More showcased artwork!

Some more deviations to go and check out! Have a look!

Collab: Burning Stars by Snow-Body
Your Light by makorie
Wailbow by CrivBlock

A few more hand-picked features chosen by our head admins!

Our admins have found some cool things they'd like you to see!

Christmas Tree by Siril
Playing In The Tinsel 2 by x-xSpitFirex-x



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